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2007 Tournament Results

2007 Combination
The 2007 Combination Championship was held at Bunker Hills Golf Course on the 3rd weekend of September, 2007. The champions are:
2007 Combination winners in division-1 are BWhaley and C Juntilla.
2007 Combination winners in division-2 are C Mahlman and S Swanson
2007 Combination winners in division-3 are P Talbot and T Talbot.
2007 Combination winners in division-4 are Larry Beckstrom and Dave Kelvie.
2007 Combination winners in division-5 are W Breemersch and E Hunter.
2007 Combination winners in division-6 Are P Hanna and B Reynolds.
2007 Publinks
Eric Johnson of Elk River was the winner of the 2007 Public Links Championship held at The Jewell in Lake City on the 3rd weekend of August, 2008.
2007 Senior Publinks
The Champions of the 2007 MPGA Senior Publinks championship held at the University of Minnesota Golf Course on the 3rd weekend of July, 2007 are:.
2007 Senior Publinks Champion - Rich Bergwall
2007 Senior Publinks Div-2 Champion - Bill Decker
2007 Senior Publinks Div-3 Champion - John Cunico
2007 Senior Publinks Div-4 Champion - Tom Kozlak
2007 Four-Ball
The 2007 Four-Ball Championship was held at Sundance Golf Course on the 3rd weekkend of June, 2007. The champions are:
4-Ball Division-1 champions - Brent Jacobson and Troy Johnson
4-Ball Division-2 champions - Mike Buhrt and Cliff Edworthy
4-Ball Division-3 champions - Fred John and Steve Petrie
4-Ball Division-4 champions - Bill Chenvert and Dave CHenvert
2007 Mid Amateur/Individual Low Net
The 2007 Mid-Amateur Championship and Individual Low Net Championship was held at the Territory Golf Course in St Cloud on the 3rd weekend of May, 2007. The champions are:
MidAm Champion was Wayne Severud.
ILN Division 1 champion - Joe Moravick.
ILN Division 2 champion - Thomas Kennedy
ILN Division 3 champion - Butch Schneider
2007 Junior Publinks
The Junior Publinks was held in Rochester in July, 2007.

The overall champion of the Junior Publinks is Stephen Bidne who shot a 27 hole score of 105 (70/35).