Minnesota Public Golf Association

About the MPGA

The MPGA was established in 1923.
The MPGA is a 90year old all volunteer organization that currently serves about 80 public course mens clubs.

Firstly we conduct one state level competion for both scratch and handicap players on the third weekend of every month from May thru September.
Secondly we organize season long inter club competitions. These include 24/20/16 and 8 man teams playing against neighboring courses in a two man best ball format.

Public golf is egalitarian. There are no pretenses. Wealth is not paramount.
A second reason is the cost to play is less and the public golfer has a singular passion for the game. They play in all kinds of weather. They get up early to snag an early tee time. They love golf.
And finally public golf is a microcosm of society. You can get a game with all and sundry. Exclusivity is not a big item. The public golf course can be a melting pot not unlike the ideal of America.

MPGA Bylaws

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