Minnesota Public Golf Association

2018 MPGA Combinaton Championship
32nd Annual State Combination Championship
Bunker Hills Golf Course
September 15-16, 2018

REGISTRATION: Registration will be available in early March, 2018.

ENTRY WITHDRAWAL AND REFUNDS: Entry fee will be refunded if the MPGA is notified before the close of entries. Fees will not be refunded after close of entry.

ELIGIBILITY: This Championship is open to amateur players who are a member of a club that is a member of the Minnesota Public Golf Association (MPGA) and has a current active GHIN handicap for 2018 at that club.

FORMAT: This tournament is a 27 hole, one day event. Each two-man team will play nine holes partner four-ball, nine holes partner scramble (best shot), and nine holes partner alternate shot.
Flights will be determined by the Committee based on the number of entries received and their combined handicaps.
Teams will play within their flights with no handicap. The partner's handicap indexes may not differ by more than 8.0 at time of entry. Merchandise prize certificates and plaques will be awarded in all flights based on 27- hole scores.
If a tie occurs for first place, there will be an alternate shot sudden death playoff. GHIN handicaps in effect as of Close of Entries will be used by the Committee to make flight assignments and pairings. The Committee may adjust handicaps in accordance with USGA approved procedures. (See Knuth Points definition on www.mpga.net)

MGA PLAYER POINTS: MGA Player Points will be awarded to each player in Flight I only, as follows: 1st place - 20, 2nd place - 15 and 3rd place - 10 points.

RULES: USGA rules govern all play except as amended by the Committee. Rangefinders may be used for distance measurements only. The MPGA Code of Conduct policy and dress code is in effect (reference www.mpga.net)

STARTING TIME: Pairing/starting times will be e-mailed to each entrant prior to the tournament. These starting times will be posted on the MPGA web site once they are available. Please report to the registration table at least 20 minutes prior to your starting time and to your starting tee at least 10 minutes prior to your starting time, ready to play.

POWER CART RENTAL: Use of a power cart with GPS usage is permissible. To reserve a cart you must call Bunker Hills at (763) 755-4141.

FOR QUESTIONS REGARDING YOUR ENTRY: Contact the MPGA at (651) 452-6394 or visit our website.

SPECIAL NOTE ON HANDICAPS: If the difference in handicaps changes to more than 8.0 between partners when the pairings are set-up, the higher handicap player will be reduced to 8.0 above the lower handicap player and then be put into the correct flight.

Stuart Finley
Scott Dehn

Registration for 2018 Combination

Registration will be available in early March, 2018