Minnesota Public Golf Association

2018 MPGA Four-Ball Championship
42nd Annual State Four-Ball Championship
New Richmond Golf Course
New Richmond, Wisconsin

May 19-20, 2018


Registration will be available on April 2nd, 2018.

Entry Fee: $150.00 per team. Entry fee must accompany your entry. Entries are on a first come basis, until field is full.

ENTRY WITHDRAWAL AND REFUNDS: Entry fee will be refunded if the MPGA is notified before the close of entries. Fees will not be refunded after close of entry.

COMPETITION: Entrants must select the Division in which they wish to participate. If no selection is made on the application form, entrants will be placed in the Net Division.

ELIGIBILITY: This Championship is open to amateur players who are a member of a club that is a member of the Minnesota Public Golf Association (MPGA) and has a current active GHIN handicap for 2018 at that club.

FORMAT: This championship will be divided into divisions.
The Championship Division is elective and players will play with no handicap.
The Senior Division is elective and players will play with no handicap. To play in this division, all players on the team must be at least 50 years of age as of May 19, 2018.
The Net Division is elective and entries will be split as equally as possible using a ranking of combined handicaps into flights. Each team member will play with 90% of his handicap adjusted to the slope rating of the golf course.
Your handicap index as of Close of Entries will be used and will determine which flight your team will be placed in. The cumulative 36-hole team score (net best-ball of the team from each hole) will be the team's score for the championship.
In the Net Division, the Partner's handicap index may not differ by more than 8.0 at time of entry.
The Committee may adjust handicaps in accordance with USGA approved procedures.

If a tie occurs for first place, a sudden-death play-off (all flights) will take place. The playoff starting hole will be determined by the Committee.

Assuming a full field - players will play at the following times: Championship and Senior Championship will play PM on Saturday and AM on Sunday. Net Fights will play AM on Saturday and PM on Sunday. These times could vary depending upon the number of entries for the Championship.

MGA PLAYER POINTS: MGA Player Points will be awarded to players in Championship Division only, as follows: 1st place - 30, 2nd place - 25, 3rd place - 20, 4th place - 15, 5th place - 10 and 6th place - 5 points. No MGA Player Points are available for the Senior Division.

RULES: USGA rules govern all play except as amended by the Committee. Rangefinders may be used for distance measurements only. The MPGA Code of Conduct policy and dress code is in effect (reference www.mpga.net)

STARTING TIME: Saturday's pairings/starting times will be e-mailed to each entrant prior to the championship These starting times will be posted on the MPGA web site once they are available. Please report to the registration table at least 20 minutes prior to your starting time on Saturday, and report to your assigned starting tee at least 10 minutes prior to your starting time, ready to play both days.

POWER CART RENTAL: Use of a power cart is permissible. To reserve a cart call the New Richmond Golf Course at (715) 246-6724.

FOR QUESTIONS REGARDING YOUR ENTRY: Contact the MPGA at (651) 452-6394 or visit our website.

Wayne Miller
Charles Thompson

2018 Four-Ball Registration:

Registration will be available
on April 2nd, 2018.