Minnesota Public Golf Association

Minnesota Public Golf Association

The Minnesota Public Golf Association (MPGA) consists of a Board of Directors, represented by the President of each member club, and an Executive Committee elected by the Board of Directors at its fall meeting.
There are over 80 member clubs in the MPGA.
The purpose of the MPGA is to both promote interest in the sport and to conserve the true spirit of the game of golf.
The MPGA hosts events and competitions that appeal to golfers of all abilities and ages.

The purposes of the MPGA are:

  1. To foster, promote and conserve the interest and true spirit of the game of golf in the State of Minnesota.
  2. To support and promote events for public golf and/or member clubs.
  3. To afford a convenient and authoritative means of arranging dates and places for holding its tournaments and avoiding conflicts with other scheduled events.
  4. To conduct any tournaments and events approved and voted by the Executive Committee.

Membership in the MPGA is limited to paid MPGA public golf clubs located in the State of Minnesota or paid MPGA public golf clubs located in states contiguous to Minnesota which are not members of any other Public Golf Association.

There is a Board of Directors consisting of the President/leader of each member club, or representative, the Executive Committee of the Association and the USGA Public Links representative.

There is an Executive Committee consisting of officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer), and at-large members elected by the Board of Directors at its Fall meeting, and the Immediate Past President as an ex officio member.

The schedule of meetings for the MPGA is as follows:

  • Membership - There are two regularly scheduled meetings of the full membership.
    • The fall meeting is held is held after the competitive season for presentation of Championship awards, election of Executive Committee members.
    • The spring meeting is held prior to the competitive season to present details of the up-coming events.

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