Minnesota Public Golf Association


MPGA Member Club Information

The Minnesota Public Golf Association consists of member clubs, members of these clubs are eligible for MPGA Tournaments and Match Play Team Competition.

Membership in the MPGA is limited to paid MPGA public golf clubs located in the State of Minnesota or paid MPGA public golf clubs located in states contiguous to Minnesota which are not members of any other Public Golf Association.

MPGA dues are set by the MPGA Executive Committee and are currently $100.00. As stated in the MPGA by-laws, the dues are payable on or before May 1st of each year.

Clubs not submitting dues by May 1st are considered delinquent and its individual (and team) members are ineligible for participation in any MPGA sponsored tournaments.

Payment of dues is required before participation in any MPGA event, including the 12/16/20/24-Man and Senior 8-Man team competition which begins in May.

Membership in the MPGA entitles players/members to participate in MPGA events and allows a course to be an active participant in public golf.

MPGA Member Clubs

2018 Member Club Information

The MPGA has sent out the following information in regard to the 2018 season to those club contacts that we have on file.

Please note that - The MPGA dues are payable on or before May 1st of each year.

Any club who does not pay the $100 by May 1st is not eligible for Match Play Team Competition and its club members are not eligible to play in MPGA sponsored events until the dues are paid.