Minnesota Public Golf Association


Senior Eight-Man Match Play Team Competition

ELIGIBILITY: Players must be an amateur, a member of the MPGA member club they are representing and have a current Handicap Index for 2018. Players must be at least 55 years of age during the calandar year of competition. If a player is a member of multiple MPGA member clubs that player can compete for only one senior 8-Man Team during the season. Captains or club designate must have access to E-mail during the season.

DATES OF COMPETITION: Matches are to be played on scheduled date unless both captains agree to a change due to a club conflict. The MPGA class chairman must be notified of any date change before the match is to take place.

TEE TIMES: Matches will start at the time scheduled by the home team. The host captain is responsible for arranging four tee times for each date. The host Captain should recommend to the host course to charge the patron or the lowest available green fee for visiting players. The respective captains should contact each other at a least one week prior to the match. The visiting team is required to timely notify the opposing captain and host course of no shows; failure to do so could result in your men's club being held responsible for no-show green fees. Let's try to be understanding to each clubs situation as to available tee times at their respective clubs.

LINE-UPS: Team captains or their designate will meet at the starter's station 10 minutes prior to the first tee time and exchange lineups and order of play. Each team captain or designate must have a current roster of his club members available to show that team members are a member of the club they are representing. If a question of a player's eligibility arises on the day of the match, the captain must provide proof by the end of the day or any team points won by the ineligible player will be stripped. Pairings should be posted to a Match Play Line-up sheet and submitted 10 minutes prior to the first match. A scoring sheet should be maintained by both team captains and point totals compared as results come in.

LINE-UP EXCEPTIONS: If a team member does not show, the captain may substitute another player not listed in the line-up, or the remaining team partner must play the match alone until the absent member or a substitute appears. No player listed on the line-up sheet can be realigned once the line-up sheets have been exchanged. Once a substitute has started play, the absent player is no longer eligible for play in any match, including his originally scheduled match. An absent player or a substitute partner may join a match between holes, but not during play of a hole. It is the responsibility of the team captain to ensure that lineup changes are within these guidelines, and make timely claims known to any member of the opposite team, regarding any applicable rule violation.

Class A and B: Each team consists of 8 players and each team will play 6 matches. Teams will play 3 matches at their home course and 3 matches at their opponent's course. The competition is 4-ball match play - in which team members play their better ball against the opponent's better ball. No handicaps are involved. A point is awarded for winning each nine and a point for winning the 18 hole round, for a total of 3 points per match (4 matches x 3 = 12 match points available). A Tie is a Tie.

Class A and B: Teams will be ranked by 1) Wins and 2) Head to Head Wins 3) Head to Head Total Points 4) Total Points of All Matches 5) Class Chairman Coin Flip. The top 2 teams in each pool will play the top 2 teams in the neighboring pool (1 vs. 2 and 2 vs. 1) - Hogan v Palmer and Snead v Nicklaus in the Home/Away August Quarterfinal dates (August 7 and 28) - the captain of the #1 seed will have the option of determining whether to start at home or away in the first match. The subsequent winners will play in the Semi-finals at a neutral site (TBD) on Thursday, September 6. The remaining 2 teams will play on Thursday, September 20 to determine a Class A and a Class B (respectfully) champion at a neutral course (TBD).

TIES IN PLAYOFFS: NOTE: If a total match is tied, each team shall select 2 team members for a sudden death playoff starting on a tee designated by the course manager or representative. This rule ONLY applies on the day the match must be decided.

INTERRUPTED PLAY: In the event play must be suspended due to lightning or other unplayable conditions, players will mark the exact spot where their ball rested when play was suspended and return to the clubhouse. If conditions permit and players resume play, the match will continue to completion. If a match is interrupted or suspended, every effort must be made to bring all matches to conclusion. The following should be used as a guide: 1) Complete the match a quickly as weather permits. 2) If it is impossible to complete the match and all teams have completed more than nine holes, the match shall revert to the nine hole scores and award points (two points to winning team, one point to losing team) accordingly. 3) Reschedule all or part of the unfinished matches to bring them to a conclusion before the start of the next scheduled match.

SLOW PLAY: Please do everything possible to complete matches within an acceptable time frame.

(1) To make the competition run smoothly and without incident, it is imperative that the team captain work together with the member club and the club's Pro-Manager to insure that the event dates as scheduled do not conflict with other club events, etc. Please make an attempt to be reasonable, flexible, and accommodating when conflicts arise.
(2) It is recommended the team captains contact one another at least a week prior to the match. "No shows" cause a host course considerable revenue loss. Each competing club will be responsible for their lost revenues to the host course for such occurrences. Be sure to clarify tee times (some courses start rounds on both the front and back nines simultaneously). Your Event Chairman has available the name and number of all team captains, feel free to call if you need information.
(3) The Rules of Golf as approved by the USGA govern all play, unless otherwise amended on a local level.
(4) Players should adhere to the dress code of the host club if one is stated, but at a minimum the players are expected to wear a shirt (no tank tops), slacks or golf shorts, shoes and socks.
(5) A USGA decision regarding a common situation: Decision 2-4/6 'Rule 2-4 does not cover the question of whether a player may putt out after his next stroke has been conceded. A player incurs no penalty for holing out in such circumstances. However, if the act would be of assistance to a partner in a four-ball or best-ball match, the partner is, in equity (rule 1-4), disqualified for the hole
(6) The USGA has suggested a local rule covering the accidental movement of a ball on the putting green, which the MPGA has adopted as follows.
       Rules 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1 are modified as follows:
            - When a player's ball lies on the putting green, there is no penalty if the ball or ball-marker is accidentally moved by the player, any of their caddies or equipment.
            - The moved ball or ball-marker must be replaced as provided in rules 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1.
      This local rule applies only when the player's ball or ball-marker lies on the putting green and movement is accidental.

REPORTING RESULTS: Each team captain is responsible to combine their team points and report the result to glen@otpros.com or call 763-670-7447 (text preferred) as soon as possible after the match. Results will be posted on the MPGA web site (www.mpga.net).